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    Not too long ago most homes and buildings were designed with only one thermostat for the entire home or building.  As people had different desires for different temperatures in different rooms they had several options;

1. Open or close windows.  

2.  Put on or take off sweaters.
3. Open or close registers.       

4.  Use portable electric heaters.  

    While some level of comfort can be achieved by the above, much unneeded energy is wasted, good Indoor Air Quality is not maintained, comfort is not optimized.  In fact most people had good reason to make complaints like these;

It is always too hot in my Kitchen.

It is always too cold in my basement.

The kids room is cold.

It is always too hot on the top floor.
My office is never comfortable.
Why can' t I have different temperatures in different rooms?

    A Zoning system is method of allowing several different "Zones" or "Areas" to be defined by you the customer.  Each Zone can be controlled by it's own separate thermostat.  Each thermostat either directly or indirectly controls a damper that controls the amount of air to that area.    

    The simplest systems, we call "Non Integrated Zone Close" or "Sub Zone" systems.  These systems have the ability to simply close the air off to one area or room, but do not have the ability to bring the system on if the Main Thermostat is not calling for it.  

    The best systems are much more complex, and will give you the best comfort.  These systems allow for every zone to get what they want.  They still have a damper for each thermostat, but they also have a logic panel that interacts with all dampers, all
thermostats, and with the main system.  This panel looks at all of the inputs and decides what it has to do to achieve the best comfort in every area or zone.  It may open some dampers all the way, some 30%, some 60%, and close some completely.  When necessary it will even do time sharing between heat and cooling functions.  

    Medium grade zoning systems fall somewhere between the functionality of the best and the simplest.  

    Zoning systems when properly engineered can be used Gas heating systems, Heat Pumps, Geothermal Systems, Hydronic systems, or just about any other kind of system.  Generally these systems require larger ductwork and more parallel runs.  Proper engineering, application, and installation are very important, to prevent damage to the main system.

   A Zoning system could cost anywhere from $500.00 to several thousand depending on the complexity of the individual situation.   Please call us today at 1-800-886-2188.  We would be happy to discuss your particular needs with you and give you several options to consider.      

HVAC Zoning System