What is SEER?

Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning


Planned Service is what you wish you would have done, when your car quits with steam
rolling out of the hood on a lonely country road at night.  At that time you still need
SERVICE, you just don't get to PLAN as well.  

Really what we call Planned Service falls in three categories.  Generally we suggest this
service be performed every spring and every fall.  

1.  PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.   This is where we test and inspect your systems in
attempt to find any parts that are on their last leg.  Some rather inexpensive parts, like
capacitors, contacters, relays, limit switch, and other safeties can often times be found in
need of replacement before they cause more expensive components to go bad.   We also
like to make minor adjustments to superheat, temp rise, and gas pressure that help to
lengthen the life of major components.  We oil or grease any motors that do not have
sealed bearings.  In general we are trying to PREVENT a future premature failure or
breakdown.  This category could save you over a thousand dollars, or may not save you
anything more than peace of mind.

2.  TUNE UP or EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT.  This service includes things like cleaning
both indoor and outdoor coils when needed for maximum air flow and heat transfer,
adjusting furnace burner air mixture, checking and adjusting refrigerant charge, changing
air filters, cleaning blower blades if needed, and changing humidifier pads.  This
category often saves more in utility costs than the whole PLANNED SERVICE  costs.

3.  SAFETY SERVICE & INSPECTION.   This service is much more important in the fall
before you turn on your furnace for the season.  We inspect the heat exchanger for cracks
that could allow Carbon Monoxide to enter your home or building.  We clean burners and
the surrounding area.  We check the flue for obstructions that would prevent gases from
exiting your home.  We check for gas leaks in and around your heating system.  There are
several other tests we make that are unique to specific models and types.  We won't try
to estimate the value to you for this category.  

If you would like, we would be happy to put you on our PLANNED SERVICE LIST.  We will
then, send you a postcard twice each year, one in the spring and one in the fall
reminding you that it is time for your Planned Service.  If you call we will give you PROMPT
QUALITY PLANNED SERVICE.  If for some reason you do not wish us to come, you can  
simply throw the postcard away and we will not hassle you.