ECM Variable Speed Fan Motors

               ECM Variable Speed DC fan motor .

    ECM stands for Electrically Commutated Motor.  This is just one term used to identify a type of motor that is also called DC fan motors, EEM fan motors, Variable Speed fan motors and other names.

    In a traditional DC motors, permanent magnets replace the stationary part (stator), and copper windings are built into the spinning part (rotor).  When power is applied, a magnetic field is induced in the windings, causing it to turn.  Then, brushes in contact with a commutator (a series of contact points) allow the current and magnetic field to shift from winding to winding.  This forces the rotor to keep rotating. While these motors where quite efficient, the brushes and the commutator wear out rather quickly, resulting in motor failure.  ECM motors use a circuit board with SCRs to switch the direction of the current many times a second and do not use brushes.  We have found them to be very reliable in addition to the huge energy savings they provide.

    Most Heating, Air conditioning, and Refrigeration systems that have been installed before 2005 utilized either SHADED POLE or PSC MULTITAP fan motors to move air through the ductwork.  These motors average about 50% energy efficiency sometimes dipping as low as 25%.  Basically what this means, is that for every dollar's worth of electricity you buy they move  25 to 50 cents worth of air, and waste the other 50 to 75 cents.  Many homes could save $700.00 per year with this system.

    Many of our HIGHEST EFFICIENCY FURNACES and our GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS now use a DC indoor fan motor that operates in excess of 90% efficiency throughout all speeds.   In addition to the obvious, saving energy, and saving you money, these motors are also quieter, and start and stop more gently.  This means longer life to your blower wheel and less noticeable operation.  

    If Indoor Air Quality is important to you, then you will definitely want this motor in your new system as you will want to run your blower continuously to take advantage of our INDOOR AIR QUALITY SYSTEMS that will reduce the indoor pollution in your home or business.

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