​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Why this is our focus?

     Mike Weber, our founder and current CEO's father owned and operated 3 different a small town grocery stores from 1962 until 1974.  This is where Mike learned the importance and urgency in getting Prompt Quality Service on refrigeration repairs.  When Mike was looking for a trade to learn in Vo-Tech school in 1975 this just seemed like a good fit.  When Mike started this business in 1980 he chose the name Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning because refrigeration repair was to be the companies top priority, with Heating and Air Conditioning secondary

Refrigeration Repair

Recent Jobs

Fronk Oil Repair Ice Machine Booker TX; Cross Manufacturing Repair Air Dryer Lewis, KS; Santa Fe Trail Liquor Walk in Cooler Repair Lakin, KS; Warrens Meat Walk in Freezer Hays, KS; Farmers Country Market Produce Cooler Lamar, Co; Boot Hill Casino Beer line cooler Dodge City, KS; USD 374 Energy Audit Sublette, KS, Energy Audit; Elks Lodge Service Beer Cooler Hill City, KS; Kensington Lockers Repair Refrigerated Blast Freezer Kensington, KS; Cargill Slaughter Café Repair Walk in Freezer Dodge City, KS; USD 363 Grade School, Repair Walk in Cooler Holcomb, KS; Healy Oil Repair Walk in Cooler Healy, KS; Wendy's Repair Walkin Freezer Liberal, KS; Lowes Pay and Save Repair Bakery Case Ulysses, KS; Loves Repair True Freezer Dodge City, KS; Great Bend Wal-Mart Repair Refrigeration Heat Recovery System Great Bend, KS; Repair Walk in Freezer Ashland, KS; Wendy's Repair Sandwich Refrigeration Case Dodge City, KS; Heartland Food Repair Dairy Cooler Wakeeney, KS; Warrens Meat Market Repair Meat Refrigerated case Hays, KS; Boot Hill Casino change controller on Fireside Bar Perlick Refrigeration Dodge City, Ks; CoolerFowler Residential Care Home Repair 3 door Freezer Fowler, KS; Walmart Colby Walk In Freezer Repair Colby, KS; Texhoma Grade School Walkin Cooler Repair Texhoma, TX; China Buffet Repair Walkin Freezer Perryton, TX; La Quinta Repair Reachin Freezer Dodge City, Ks; Warrens Meat Market Repair Meat Refrigeration Case Hays, KS; Kenstington Lockers Refrigeration Repair Kensington, KS; Sante Fe Trail Liquor Repair Walkin Cooler Lakin, KS; Loves Refrigeration Repair Liberal, KS; Mazzios Repair Walk In Cooler Guymon, OK; Satanta Grocery Store Refrigeration Repair Satanta, KS; Refrigeration Repair Morland, KS; CMS Electric Refrigeration Repair Meade, KS; Circle K Refrigeration Repair Lakin, KS; USD 507 Freezer Repair Satanta, KS; Wilson Foods Refrigeration Repair Wilson, KS;

What do we work on?

    We provide Refrigeration Repair services on Walkin Coolers, ZeroZone freezers, Reachin Coolers, Reachin Freezers, Ice Cream Machines, Shake Machines, Nitrogen Chillers, Beer Cases, Coffin cases, Meat Prep rooms, Walkin Freezers, Door heaters, Door frames, Case Lighting, Rooftop condensing units, Tripple split compressor systems,  Multistage Rack systems and anything else that has refrigerant in it. 

    Many of our customers have allowed us to install computerized control systems which provide defrost timing, case temperature control and emergency alerting through phone call or emergency texting.  Our customers have found that these systems pay for themselves very quickly as they are alerted as soon as a problem begins, instead of waiting until thousands of dollars worth of product is lost.


    In addition to this we also repair just about everything else mechanical or electrical for our valued customers.   Some of these are: Fryers, Ovens, Proofers, Trash Compactors, Warmers, Steamers, Commercial Dish Washers,   

Wal-mart compliment review on Weber Refrigeration Garden City, Ks

Who do we work for?

Grocery Stores  

    We service about 75 Grocery stores in Garden City, KS; Dodge City, KS; Liberal, KS; Ulysses, KS; Guymon OK, Lakin, KS; Scott City, KS; Leoti, KS;  Cheyenne Wells CO, Hill City, KS; Lacrosse, KS; Booker TX, Healy, KS; Wilson, KS; Centralia, KS; Hooker OK, Perryton TX, Wakeeney, KS; Kensington, KS; Russell, KS; Tribune, KS; Stockton, KS; Dighton, KS; Walsh,CO; Shattuck, OK; Hoxie, KS;  Grinell, KS; Walsenburg CO, Sublette, KS and Springfield CO.   We currently provide all of the refrigeration services on about 10 Stores for Wal-Mart.   



Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Commercial Dairies

Beef & Pork Processing plants