Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Many Weber Trucks at Tuesday Training Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning 711 N. Main Garden City, Ks

     Our Trucks aren't special just because they're ORANGE.  The color benefits us not you.  

    What benefits you is this.  We do our best to anticipate what parts we will need, in advance, before any service call.  Most of our trucks have over $10,000  DOLLARS WORTH OF INVENTORY.   What this means to you, is that this greatly
decreases the chance that we will have to make two trips, thus costing you more money, and it increases the chances we will get your system running immediately.  

.   Our trucks are equipped with some of the most ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS TOOLS available to our trade.  This aids us in quickly and accurately identifying your problem so we can offer you a solution.

    They are driven by awesome technicians.  Please take time to read what is different about THE GUYS IN THE ORANGE TRUCKS.  

    Many of our competitors charge a few less dollars per hour for their services, and yet you pay almost twice as much, because they have to make more trips .  

   We believe that once you consider all that is DIFFERENT ABOUT US you will want us serving you.

What's so special about The Orange Trucks?

It's the Guys Driving them.