​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning bases their Value System on the teachings of Jesus


    I know that much of what is written here may seem silly to some.  If it does, then simply stop reading, call us on the phone, and we will bust our rear, to make you happy.  If you, like many, are tired of getting poor products, poor service, poor warranty, from rude businesses who only want your money, then please keep reading.  

   You may find it odd that we are willing to share this statement with you, but in keeping with our HONESTY AT ALL COST POLICY, here it is.  The two top goals for our company are;
1.  To Honor and Serve God in and through all we do.
2.  To provide a safe, enjoyable, secure, and high income place of employment for all of our employees.

    We believe that if we hire the best people, provide them with the best training and motivation, encourage them to work hard and smart, provide them with the best support, and treat our customers and peers as we would like to be treated, we will be able to accomplish our goals.  

    Why should you care?  Most companies will tell you that their customers are number one.  Sadly or not, we cannot honestly say that, and won't lie about it.  What we can say, is that we completely recognize that if we do not treat you as if you were number one, we will not be able to accomplish our goals.  I think you will be very pleased with our services.