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Dog Urine Eats up Air Conditioner

    We find this problem often.  When dogs repeatedly lift their leg on an air conditioner, eventually (sometimes as short as a few years) the acidic urine eats away (oxidizes) the coils.   This causes premature refrigerant leaks and shortens the life expectancy of the unit significantly.  Some of our customers have found that the best solution is to put a fence at least 3' away from the Air Conditioning unit.  This can also prevent another even more common problem.   Dogs like  to chew through the wires or pipes running from the home to the Air Conditioner.

How do you find an Honest Company

     Every year several of the major news agencies run an undercover  sting operation to test the honesty and Integrity of Heating and Air conditioning companies.  The results never seem to vary much from the finding that about 50% of the repair people are dishonest.  While we have no way of knowing for certain that our guys are 100% honest, we do have a few policies that significantly improve our odds.

1.  Character and Integrity is our #1 Priority in the hiring process.  Mike Weber often says, "I have taught many inexperienced people good skills, but have had very little success teaching dishonest people good values.

2.  When we find that we have missed it in our hiring process, and find one of our techs lying to a customer, they are fired immediately.

3.  We clearly communicate our expectations.  "Do not lie to anyone about anything for any reason".

4. We require all of our technicians to get a 2nd opinion from one of our managers on all major diagnosis's

Wall Street Journal July 2016

Propane Prices Rising Rapidly

    Propane recently fetched premiums to U.S. prices of roughly 20% and 29% in Europe and Japan, respectively, according to the Oil Price Information Service.

Domestic prices have been rising, up 78% from a 14-year low of 29.6 cents a gallon hit in January, according to Platts Analytics. Trading at about 53 cents a gallon at the main U.S. trading hub in Mont Belvieu, Texas, propane prices are still on the cheap side of their historical levels. Yet analysts expect prices to rise further as more propane is sold abroad and to new chemical factories starting up on the Gulf Coast.

The rise in wholesale prices hasn’t hit most consumers yet. Retail propane prices averaged about $2.24 a gallon in New York state in May, the most recent data available, down about 10% from the year before, according to the state’s Energy Research and Development Authority.

The rise in prices will likely be felt by the six million mostly rural U.S. households that heat their homes with large tanks of propane.

The higher prices have caused pain for some companies. Dow Chemical Co. DOW -1.57 % built expensive propane-fed factories that were planned with fuel costs at rock-bottom prices. Other chemical makers, including Ascend Performance Materials Operations LLC, have delayed plans for propane-fed plants, due to rising construction costs and higher raw material costs.

“Propane will be increasing in price faster than all the other hydrocarbons,” said Rusty Braziel, a former propane trader who runs consultant RBN Energy. “From the standpoint of chemical companies, it’s not such good news.”

Dog Pee on Air Conditioner

Weber man helps during Snow Storm

    On April 29 2017 Southwest Kansas had a huge snow storm.  Some areas got as much as 22".  Bobby Wells of Plains Kansas called in and talked to Alex, the Weber man on call for that area that weekend.  All of the "Guys in the Orange Trucks" were extremely busy that weekend helping people with cold homes and refrigeration systems that had failed because of massive snows and fluctuating power due to high winds and falling tree branches. 

   Alex, not wanting Mr. Wells' family to be cold for several hours before he could get there talked Mr. Wells through the process of repairing his heating system himself. 

   On May 10th Bobby called in to tell our office how much he appreciated it.  Atta Boy Alex.

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