I'm Jeff Turner

     I'm the Pastor of First Missionary Church.  A few years ago we were using a boiler system to heat our church and we were paying over $1,300.00 a month in the winter to heat the church. 

     We called Weber refrigeration and they came out and put in two high energy efficient furnaces for us.  And now we save over $1,00.00 a month in the winter, which allows us to use that money in other places in ministry for the church.

How Can I Lower my Utility Bills?

Energy Savings with Geothermal Minneola, Ks

Lower your Utility Bills

    We have many options for lowering your utility bills.   If your current system of Heating, Cooling, Refrigerating or Controlling is over 10 years old, we can often times cut  your utility bills in half. 

    Please call us and let us come to your location and give you a free consultation with no obligation.  We will provide you with several options and the projected utility bills to go with them (see real life example below).

Utility bill Comparison with Geothermal Heat Pump

    In the above example, we would like for you to notice several things. 

1.  We will come to your home or business, measure and survey your insulation, windows, doors, walls, infiltration, usage and other pertinent facts.  We then, at no charge and at your request, provide you with a computerized load and utility comparison for your home or business.

2.  Looking in the Total column you can see that this customer was able to choose between keeping their old system and paying $7270 per year or upgrade and pay anywhere from $2,079.00 to $4,995.00 per year to heat, cool, and heat hot water for their home.

3.  Based on an estimated 4% expected escalation rate in utility costs (you can have us set this number at whatever you expect) this customer could expect to save over $154,000 in utility costs over the next 20 years by choosing the best system.

4.  Every home and business is different.  They have different loads, utility costs and usages.  Most do not show quite this much savings, but let us figure it for you and then you can make a wise informed decision.

​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

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Roberta Brown

Dodge City, Ks                                                     10-08-2016

     I had a furnace/AC installed last year.  I have found that it provided great savings on my utility bills-$50 a month!  The workers were very respectful, intelligent and friendly.  I have my house on the market right now on Edgemore and when I find a new place, I plan to have Weber install a furnace/AC again.  I have been very pleased!