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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair Scott City, Ks

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Sheila Shira Grayson

Dodge City, Ks                                           August 11 2016      Today we had a new HVAC installed in our house built in 1953....  Erik and Jose were amazing...  Conscientious, kind and efficient...  Our old system was not doing a very good job.  Chris helped us get the right size and configuration for our old duct work.  We can't thank them enough. 

     Dave and Sheila Grayson. Dodge City. 

Call the guys in the Orange trucks.  You won't be disappointed...

E-Mailed Review

Kimberly Lohman, CAA                                    June 22 2017

Lakin USD #215 Treasurer

HPL Secretary/Treasurer

     I want to commend Eric for a wonderful, professional job he did on my AC unit today.  He was very polite and efficient, and I felt very confident in his ability.

     Weber should feel proud and lucky to have such a great young man working for them. 

     Thank you Eric.  Keep up the great work.

Kim Lohman, Lakin, Ks  

What is Ventilating?

    Ventilating is a very important part of our trade that is most commonly overlooked by our competitors and customers.  Ventilating really just means moving air from one place to another.  

Purposes of Ventilation

Temperature Control

   Sometimes temperature control can be achieved without Heating or Air Conditioning.  This often times simply involves fans which are used to exhaust air from a hot space outdoors.  

Exhausting cooking odors

    This process takes a special type of fan and ductwork due to the fire hazards of grease in the air.  We do hoods and exhaust fans.

Air Quality Control

   This can be to get rid of toxic fumes, to reduce allergens in the air, to remove smoke, to lower CO2 (which simply makes people sleepy as opposed to CO1 which kills)  If air quality is important to you please let us help you decide what combination of components and systems will best serve your specific needs.

Humidity Control

   Ventilation is sometimes a better option for humidity removal than Mechanical Dehumidification in Swimming pool rooms and other unique areas where high humidity is a problem.  While we service many types of systems often times out preferred method is a system we call an HRV or Heat Recovery Ventilator (Read More)    

Air Balance

   One very commonly overlooked factor of ventilation is that whatever air is removed (exhausted) from a space will have to be replaced with air from somewhere else.  Have you ever been in a small restaurant in the cold winter when someone opened the door and a huge blast of cold are rushed across your feet?  This is because the large exhaust fan in the kitchen is pulling air out of the building and the main place for air to get back in is through the front door.  Another place it can get in is down the flues on the water heaters and furnaces, which can easily cause deadly CO1 (Carbon Monoxide) problems. 

   On a much smaller scale, whenever homes turn on kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans, or run their fireplace this causes the same problem.

    Proper Air Balance involves intentionally bringing a balanced amount of air back into a building for the amount exhausted.  If air quality or allergens are important this air is properly filtered before it is introduced.  We like the use of an HRV (read more) for this need.


Does Weber Refrigeration do HVAC&R?

    Yes We do just about everything that is associated with all of the above.  Please call us today. 

Heat Recovery Ventilator 

    An excellent device for Allergy Relief, Fresh Air, Energy Savings    Click here to read more

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Becky and Eldon Lansdown

Texhoma,OK                                              6-12-2017

      We are very pleased with our a/c repair.  Thank you for your quick response.  A++++++ Rating

Healthy Climate High Effeciency Air Filter for Allergy Relief Western Kansas

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Craig Wikoff.

Garden City, Ks                                                         10-06-2016

    We had been complaining about our A/C for the best part of the summer.  We finally broke down and called for estimates.  Scott with Weber was able to review our needs and get us a quote the same day.  After asking several additional questions of Scott, who was patient and answered them all, we were satisfied and went ahead.  Kelly and sam were out the next day installing our new system.  They were polite, respectful of our house and worked hard to get the system insatalled.  They were able to get it done a couple hours earlier than their estimate.  Yet another pleasant surprise.  If you need help, Weber is the one to go to as they are fast to respond with quotes, repairs and installation.

                 Phoned in Review

Judy Wartman

Ingalls,OK                                                             7-26-2017

      "My AC is working very good !!  Great man, his is very Kind."  "I am incredibly pleased"

HVAC Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning Ductwork Example Ulysses, Ks

What is HVAC?

     HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.  HVAC&R  stands for Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.     

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HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator Internal Flow Schematic for Allergy Releif