Proper humidification  dOES reduce dry cracked skin

    Have you ever noticed how you have this problem in the winter and not in the Summer.  Can you imagine what your lungs are going through?   This is why people get more colds in the Winter. 

    The average home or building runs 50% Relative Humidity in the summer and only 12% Relative Humidity in the Winter.  We have helped thousands of people improve their winter time health and protect their furniture and woodwork with the installation of a Humidifier.  

    Please call us.  We will come to your home or business, evaluate your specific situation and recommend a solution.  You will not be high pressured or obligated in any way.  

Humidifiers relieve Dry Cracked Lips & Skin

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What Causes Cracked Fingers in Garden City, KS? Poor Indoor Air Quality



What Causes Dry Cracked Lips in Western Kansas? Poor Indoor Air Quality

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What it a Whole House Humidifier    

    A humidifier is any device that adds humidity to a space.  What we call a Whole House Humidifier is a Humidifier that is tied into the duct system of your HVAC system.  It will have a water line and drain line attached to it and it will operate automatically.   

Why do I need a Humidifier?

    Often people ask, "Why do I need a Humidifier?"  Our bodies, and most of our furnishings and equipment would like to have a  consistent RELATIVE HUMIDITY of about 50%.  In the winter if we do not in some way add water to the air in our homes and businesses the indoor RELATIVE HUMIDITY will fall below 20% much of the time.  This causes many of the mucus membranes in our bodies to crack, allowing bacteria and viruses an easy place to enter our blood stream.  It also causes many of our furnishings to dry out and crack.

    Many people attempt to solve this problem by boiling water on the stove, or by placing portable humidifiers or steamers around their home.  While this can be effective, most of the time they actually hurt themselves more than they help.  This is because they are not consistent and they cause the humidity to make wild swings several times per day.  Wide swings are very hard on our furniture and reek havoc with musical instruments.  

    Most average homes need to have between 10 and 20 gallons of water per day added to the air during the coldest part of winter.  A WHOLE HOUSE HUMIDIFIER integrated into your HVAC system and ductwork can easily do this, without you having to carry water or, watch a pan on the stove.  More importantly it will be controlled by a HUMIDISTAT (like a thermostat but it measures humidity) that you set where you wish, and don't worry about it.   

     Please call us today at 1-800-886-2188.  We will come to your location, evaluate your situation, and present you with several options.  We will not charge you anything for this service, and you will not be obligated to us in any way.

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