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Bonnie Austin

Dodge City, KS


    Weber Refrigeration came out within an hour to check what was wrong with my AC unit.

    When he said we needed a new unit, I was a little panicked and worried about the cost.  The serviceman was reassuring and told me about possible financing available.  After speaking to Kris, our unit was ordered and scheduled to be instant the very next day! 

    The installers were so professional and courteous that the dogs even liked them before they were finished!  

Thanks for your Prompt Quality Service.


Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning bases their Value System on the teachings of Jesus

   Every year several of the major news agencies run an undercover  sting operation to test the honesty and Integrity of Heating and Air conditioning companies.  The results vary finding that Between 50% and 100% of the repair people are dishonest.  While we have no way of knowing for certain that our guys are 100% honest, we do have a few policies that significantly improve our odds.

1.  Character and Integrity is our #1 Priority in the hiring process.  Mike Weber often says, "I have taught many inexperienced people good skills, but have had very little success teaching dishonest people good values.

2.  When we find that we have missed it in our hiring process, and find one of our techs lying to a customer, they are fired immediately.

3.  We clearly communicate our expectations.  "Do not lye to anyone about anything for any reason".

4. We require all of our technicians to get a 2nd opinion from one of our managers on all major diagnosis's

Honesty & Integrity

    It is a sad state that our country is in, when a quality like this even needs to be mentioned instead of just being expected.   I'm sure many of you can remember a day when most business people were honest; a day when you could believe your political
leaders; a day when the CEOs of large companies weren't out to cheat their stockholders.  

    We believe this is the way it still should be.  Our employee manual has a section labeled  General expected commitment of Employee to Employer.  Here is number one on this list.   Tell the truth in all situations and dealings with all vendors, fellow employees, customers, and management.  

    I am motivated by my allegiance to the GOD of the BIBLE.  Hebrews 6:6 states that if I represent myself as a Christian, and then act in a different manner in public, that I am SUBJECTING CHRIST TO PUBLIC DISGRACE.  This is a standard I take very
seriously.  If you have any reason to believe that anyone in our company is not living up to this standard, please call me personally. 

                                       Mike A Weber

                                      Mike A Weber