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Condensing 95% efficient Furnace Guymon, OK

    Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning offers 24 hour Prompt Quality Service on all types of heating systems.   Even more importantly, we are available 24 hours 365 days

All types of heating systems

     We sell, and or have sold, several Types of HEATING systems systems including, 60% furnaces, High Efficiency Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, Under floor heating systems, hydronics, boilers, infrared heaters, shop heaters, hanging heaters, Gas radiant heaters, Electric radiant heaters, Low Pressure Steam Boilers, High Pressure Steam Boilers, Variable Air Volume systems (VAV), Face and Bypass systems, Mutizones, Dual Duct, Terminal Reheat systems, Straight Resistance Electric Heat Systems, Fan Coil units, radiators and just about every other type. 

Which type of Heating System should I Choose?

    This is a question that has many answers.  The things that effect the answer most are the following

1.  What are you heating?

2.  What utilities are available to you and what is the price?

3.  What is your heat loss and heat gain?

4.  Do you have unusual requirements, such as high infiltration, unusual operating hours, high internal heat gain, caustic environment, special safety concerns, explosive proof environment?

5.  How many different areas do you wish to have their own thermostat for individualized control?  (see Zoning)

    Please call us today for a free evaluation of your specific situation.  We will present you with several options along with the projected annual utility costs.

Gas Furnace wastes 40% of energy Guymon, Ok
Heating Repair on All Brands, Carrier, Rheem, Lennox, York, Trane

Conventional Gas Furnace


    This type of heating system was installed mostly from about 1950 until about 2000. 


1.  Very simple with few moving parts.

2.  Very reilable


1.  Very poor energy efficiency.  40% of all the heat purchased went right out the flue.

2.  Our Government no longer allows it to be manufactured or installed.

3.  Very few safety devices, which makes it more prone to fire hazard or Carbon Monoxide Emissions into the living space.

Gas Furnace wastes 20% of energy Guymon, OK


E-Mail from Sally Cauble   Dodge City, KS

   I really liked the gentleman that came out.  I didn't get his name, but if I had, I would ask and wait for him every time. 

                                      Sally Cauble

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95% Condensing Furnace


    This type of heating system was installed mostly after 1984. 


1.  Often times has a newer motor technology that can cut the energy use of the fan motor in half (read More).

2.  Only 5% of the gas is wasted instead of 40% on the conventional unit and 20% on the mid range furnaces.

3.   Many more safety devices.


1.  More moving parts than the old units.

2.  Higher initial cost.

3.  Require the use of a new PVC flue.  (sometimes this is easy and sometimes not)

80% Gas Furnace


    This type of heating system was installed mostly after 1990. 


1.  Often times can use the same old metal chimney vent.

2.  Only 20% of the gas is wasted instead of 40% on the conventional unit.

3.   Many more safety devices.


1.  More moving parts than the old units.

2.  Not as energy efficient as the 95% units.

3.  Our Government is likely to be outlawing these soon.

January 2017   5 Star Google Review

Nidia Ortega

   Great service.  when calling, the waiting times are very short (like 30 seconds or so).  The wait for install appointments and repairs is also very short.  Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  Scott was very professional and he helped me get set up for a furnace install during an emergency, & on very short notice (like within a day or so).  All the other places in town were swamped due to bad weather, but Weber's was able to check my furnace and set up an install appointment within one day.  All the other places I'd called had told me it would be at least a week before they could even check my furnace.  I would definitely recommend Weber's to anyone.

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