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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Heat Pump

Geothermal, Ground Source and Water Source


     Much lower Utility Bills

     Better reliability.  Please Read our Geothermal page to see why.

     Most Geothermal Units give you free hot water for showers and other household uses



      Higher initial cost, however this can often be offset with Federal Tax Credits


Air to Air


    Lower Utility Costs in most cases.

    The possibility of eliminating that nasty monthly charge just for the privilege of having a Gas Meter


    Air to Air Heat pumps often cost more to maintain.

    Less reliable that Gas Heat or Geothermal

Different Types of Heat Pumps

Air to Air Heat Pumps

    Move heat to or from an Air Stream outside your home or building to or from an Air Stream inside your home or building.  Basically it is a standard type of air conditioner with a reverse cycle.

Ground Source Heat Pumps also called Geothermal

     Move heat to or from a large area of Dirt outside your home or business to an Air Stream inside your home or building.  We like to say, "Heat your home with DIRT".  Read here for more.

Water Source Heat Pumps also called Water to Air Heat Pumps

    These systems move heat to or from a water source to the Air in your Building or Home.  This water could be well water, pond water, cattle watering water, industrial process water, or something else.     

Air to Water Heat Pumps

    These systems move heat from an Air Stream normally outdoors to a water source that you desire to have conditioned.  Most often these systems are used to Heat Swimming Pools from outdoor air.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

    This is an Air to Air Heat Pump used in conjunction with a Gas Furnace.  Read more

Heat Pump Repair and Replacement

Air to Air Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heater Repair Diagram Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Dodge City, KS
Geothermal Heat Pump Piping Diagram Weber Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning Scott City, KS
Lennox Heat Pump Installation Ness City, KS

Geothermal Heat Pump

What is a Heat Pump & How do they work?

    A Heat Pump is an air conditioner that has a reverse cycle.  Your AC moves excess heat from your home, using freon, coils, and a compressor,  to the air in your backyard.   A simple Air to Air Heat Pump works just like this, with the addition of a reverse cycle.  
   In the winter  it moves heat from the air in your backyard into your home or building.  Now, I will admit that gets a bit tough to do when it is ZERO outside, but actually even zero degree air still has heat in it that we can bring inside.
    Heat Pumps really shine in comparison to Straight Resistance Electric Heat.  When we use electricity to heat, using any method other than a heat pump, we get 100% efficiency.  To put it another way, we get exactly 3,413 BTUs for every KWH (about 10 cents worth) of electricity we buy.  Our best air to air Heat Pumps have an HSPF of nearly 10 which means you get about 10,000 BTUs of heat from each KWH you buy.  Another way to say it
is that they have a COP of about 3 which means you get almost 3 times your money's worth.
    Propane ranges anywhere from $1.00 to $4.00 per gallon and Electricity about 8 to 14 cents per KWH.  Using a comparison of $2.00 for propane and 10 cents for Electricity, an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP  would operate 2.21 times cheaper than Propane.  In many homes this could mean THOUSANDS of dollars per year in energy savings.  We would love to give you a free evaluation on your specific situation.  

    As you can see, a HEAT PUMP could save you a lot of money.  Please call us today, at 1800-886-2188.  We will come to your home and give you several options for you to consider free of charge.  We will provide you with costs to buy and estimated costs of to operate several options.  We will not "HIGH PRESSURE" you, and you will not be obligated to us in any way.
    While we have talked mostly about AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMPS here, you should also look GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMPS, a variations to this