​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

    In 1980 when we first began this service, our country had just came through triple digit increases in Energy Prices.  We were innovators in helping people save energy then, and have never stopped.  We don't take any position on whether or not our activities are rapidly taking us into GLOBAL WARMING.   We do, however, believe that there are limited resources available on this earth.  We take a very practical approach to BALANCING ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY with FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    We have carefully researched all of the technologies directly related to our trade, and many that are on the fringe.  We have found that there are almost an unlimited number of options for SAVING ENERGY, REDUCING OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT, AND PRESERVING OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.  We also know that you, our valued customer, do not have unlimited capital resources.  

This is where the BALANCING ACT comes in.  We would like the opportunity to offer you the benefit of our skill and experience to help you make informed decisions on how to get the most from any money you are willing to invest  in GREEN.   You might think INVEST is an odd choice of words.  We have options for almost every home owner, or business to consider that will give you a RETURN ON INVESTMENT well in excess of anything you could get at any bank.  

Call today, and ask one of our ENERGY CONSULTANTS to come to your home or business.  They will not charge you anything, nor will you be obligated to us in any way.  They will make suggestions to you, and offer you estimated costs that your can compare to the estimated savings you can expect on your utility bills.  You can then decide whether or not to INVEST IN GREEN with the guys in THE ORANGE TRUCKS.


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Save the Ozone

.   For years our trade and equipment was responsible for dumping millions of pounds per year of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerants into the atmosphere.   While these refrigerants are relatively harmless and stable on Earth they can make it up into the stratosphere.  There ultraviolet light can break them down.  The Chlorine molecule can attack and breakdown O3 or OZONE molecules.  Since OZONE is very beneficial in blocking ultraviolet rays from reaching Earth, allowing it's destruction is not a good thing.     

    Most of the systems we now sell use  HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants.  Notice the absence of the Chlorine atom in the compound.  These HFC refrigerant molecules were specifically designed to meet the needs of our industry without sacrificing ENERGY EFFICIENCY or destroying the OZONE layer.

    This is just one way we can help you take a more responsible part in protecting the environment for the next generation.   If being the most responsible with the environment is important to you please take time to read about our GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS.

ECM Electrically Commutated Motors

Air Conditioning

When  it comes Green Air Conditioning, obviously the Greenest thing to do is to simply
do without it.  If you are like us, however, you have grown accustomed to the comfort of
Central Air Conditioning.  
.   If we are going to burn up energy that has been stored in the earth for eons, to make
electricity and in doing so, releasing CARBON into the atmosphere, just for our own
comfort, we should at least responsibly USE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF ENERGY

Our BEST AIR CONDITIONERS utilize several technologies to accomplish this.  

1. They use Scroll compressors that have about 10% better volumetric efficiency
than the old piston type.
2.  They have much larger condenser coils so they run lower pressures.
3.  They use self adjusting expansion valves to determine exactly how much freon
is needed at any given moment for maximum energy efficiency instead of fixed
metering devices that cannot react to changing situations.
4.  They use larger evaporator coils to maximize indoor heat transfer.
5.  They utilize higher efficiency fan motors both indoors and outdoors which are
able to move more air with less electricity.
6.   They have 2 STAGE compressors allowing them to shift, if you will, into a
coasting mode much like your car shifts into overdrive.

.   So, how much does it really save?   Most ACs built before 1985 were only about
8 SEER.  Most ACs built before 1995 were only about 10 SEER.   Many of our newest
systems are as high as 18 SEER, and our GEOTHERMAL systems exceed 26 SEER.
I know, "WHAT IS A SEER".  What it means to you is that if you had a 10 SEER, and
put in a 20 SEER, your cost to air condition would be cut in half.    

.   Oh, please take time to look at how they PROTECT THE OZONE LAYER