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Furnace Heat Exchanger Diagram

Medium efficiency Gas Furnace 80%


    Medium effeciency Furnaces mostly installed after 1990. 


1.  Use standard metal chimney vent.

2.   20% of the gas is wasted instead of 40% on the old standard units.

3.   More safety devices than the old standard units.

4.   Some have closed burners for better protection against fires.


1.  More complex than the conventional old units.

2.  Not as energy efficient as the 95% condensing Furnaces.

3.  May be outlawed these soon in keeping with Government minimum efficiency standards.

    Weber Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning offers 24 hour Prompt Quality Service on all brands of furnaces.

Furnace Brands

     We sell, and or have sold, several Brands of HEATING systems systems including, Addison, ADP, Aireflo, Amana, American Standard, AO Smith, Bard, Bryant, Carrier, CMI, Champion, Climate Control, Climate Master, Coleman, Comfortaire, Cozy, Dayton, Detroit, Duotherm, Econovac, Empire, Eubank, First Co, Fedders, Friedrich,  Frigidaire, Fujitsu, Goodman, GE, Grainger,  Hatco, Hartzell, Heatcraft, Krack, Lennox, Liebert, Marvair, McLean, McQuay, Mitsubishi, Modine, Mohwak, Parco, Payne, ReVerberRay, Reznor, Rheem, Robert Gordon, Russell, S&A, Solaronics, Sterling, Tempstar, Trane, Turbo Air, Vantage, Water Furnace, Weather King,  Weathercraft, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Williams, York, & Water Furnace.
     This list probably looks overwhelming to you.  Yet each of these companies has something unique to offer, and sadly, some problem areas.  We would like to help you decide which can best fit your needs.  We have found that the level of SATISFACTION people receive has much more to do with the proper choice of equipment size and type, the quality of ENGINEERING and installation, and the quality of on going service than it does with the brand of equipment.    

Furnace Technologies

Our best Heating systems utilize these technologies to accomplish maximum energy efficiency.    
1. They use Secondary Condensing Heat Exchanger to grab extra heat that most older furnaces waste.
2.  They do not have standing pilot lights that waste gas when you don't need heat.
3.  They use High Efficiency Burners that attain very nearly perfect combustion.
4.  They take so much of the available heat out of the flue gases, that what little is left is exhausted from the home or building through PVC pipe at about 100 degrees as opposed to the 500 degrees of older systems.
5.  They utilize HIGHER EFFICIENCY FAN MOTORS both indoors and outdoors which are able to move more air with less electricity.
6.   They have 2 STAGED or Variable Gas Valves allowing them to shift, if you will, into a  coasting mode much like your car shifts into overdrive.

Choosing a Reliable Furnace Contractor

    As we mentioned above your level of satisfaction will likely be more dependant on these unique things we do.
1.  Run a computerized load calculation analysis.
2.  Evaluate and size your ductwork for maximum energy efficiency and quiet operation.
3.  Optimize your temperature rise for the best balance of comfort and energy savings.
4.  Offer you the very BEST FILTRATION SYSTEMS.
5.  Adjust the fuel to air ratio for your elevation for the cleanest most efficient burn.
6.  Evaluate all restrictions with magnahelic pressure drop.

How much do High Efficiency Furnaces really save?   

    Most Furnaces built before 1985 were only about 60  AFUE.  Many of our newest systems are as high as 95 AFUE, Please click here to see "WHAT IS A AFUE".   What it means to you is that if you had a 60 AFUE, and put in a 95 AFUE, your cost to heat would be cut by 42%.  Also, please don't forget the huge savings from the DC INDOOR FAN.

Furnace Repair

Furnace Safety

    Making certain that there is not any way for gasses to pass through the Heat Exchanger (See Drawing above) is one of the most important aspects of furnace safety.  Often times the Heat Exchanger becomes rusted out, cracked or compromised in some other way allowing deadly CO1, Carbon Monoxide to enter the occupied space or living area.   We recommend that every home and building have several Carbon Monoxide detectors.

    Much care must be taken on all furnaces, but especially on  60% furnaces to insure that the open burner flames are not allowed to backdraft catching things inside the home or business on fire.  This can be caused by many things including exhaust fans in the building, high winds, malfunction of the unit, wrong gas pressure or compromised heat exchanger.  The Highest Efficiency Furnaces almost totally eliminate this possibility. (Read More)

   As with any Gas Burning Appliance, much care must be taken to make certain there are no gas leaks and that any gas leaks that occur are discovered before anyone is hurt or killed.   We recommend that every home and building have several combustible gas detectors.

80% Gas Furnace Diagram Greensburg, Ks

Standard Gas Furnace (probably like the one you have now)  60%


    Used mostly from about 1950 until about 2000. 


1.  Simple    Very few moving parts.

2.  Reliable


1.  Poor energy efficiency.  40% of all the energy purchased went right out the flue.

2.  No longer manufactured because of Government Regulations

3.  Open burners and few safety devices.  More prone to fires or Carbon Monoxide leaking into the living space.

January 2017   5 Star Google Review

Nidia Ortega

   Great service.  when calling, the waiting times are very short (like 30 seconds or so).  The wait for install appointments and repairs is also very short.  Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  Scott was very professional and he helped me get set up for a furnace install during an emergency, & on very short notice (like within a day or so).  All the other places in town were swamped due to bad weather, but Weber's was able to check my furnace and set up an install appointment within one day.  All the other places I'd called had told me it would be at least a week before they could even check my furnace.  I would definitely recommend Weber's to anyone.

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Bob Judd     Liberal, KS                                 11-28-2016

    Mr. Judd called in to let us know that Trenton came out to work on their furnace.  He said that he was very polite and accommodating.  He said that his wife had to move a vacuum and some other things out of our way before we got there.  Trenton went above and beyond by putting those things back for her when he was done. 

Furnace Repair on All Brands, Carrier, Rheem, Lennox, York, Trane
95% High Effeciency Furnace Installation in Syracuse, KS

11-15-2018                                   Google 5 Star Review

Keith Foster Furnace Repair Holcomb, Ks

    Our furnace would not work in single digit weather.  Response was quick. 
I thought the heat sensor was faulty or caked with deposits. 

The tech they sent out identified a faulty computer board within minutes and Weber had someone meet the tech half way with the needed part to get us back up and warm. 

WOW, that was efficient. 

Needed part in stock, well trained tech, super transfer of needed part.   I'm impressed with Weber. and the costs were reasonable. 

Keith Foster, Holcomb. 

I won't use anyone else for my home heating and cooling needs.

Need Picture Tech with Person by furnace

Condensing Highest efficiency Furnace 95%


    This is the top of the line, however, buyer beware as there are many variations of this unit.  While all are in the high 90%s they use very different technologies for the motors and controls.  Please let us explain all of the benefits and features unique to each brand. 


1.  Some have a new ECM MOTOR TECHNOLOGY that often cuts electrical energy use by 50% or more.

2.  Instead of wasting 40% like the old standard units or 20% like the medium efficiency furnaces, this unit only wastes 5%.

3.   Completely sealed combustion, reducing fire hazards.

3.   Many more safety devices.


1.  More complex with more moving parts.

2.  Initial cost is higher.

3.  These units often require the use of a different type of flue made of PVC.  (sometimes this is easy to install and sometimes not)

Phoned in review                                                  9-26-2017

Judy Wartman     Ingalls, Ks

    I really appreciated Eric.  He is a great young man and was very thorough.  Someone else had done a quick fix and it was a safety issue.  I appreciate it that he was looking out for my best interest and safety.     

    You don't get service like that anymore.  This guy is so fantastic and so nice to me.  I'd give him a 10+ Everybody you have ever sent here has been so nice and so professional.......That's why I call you.