French Fryer Repair

French Fryer Repair

Buffalo Wild Wings.                    May 12 2017

Garden City, KS

   I am pleased as heck with Weber Refrigeration!  We used another company for a while and then switched.  I couldn't be more pleased with you. 


    Weber Refrigeration and Heating services Vulcan, Pitco, Value Series, Anets, MagicKitchn, PowerFry, Imperial, and several other brands of French Fryers, Ovens, Pizza ovens, Warmers, Steamers and jus about everything in your commercial kitchen.


     While we are always happy to come 24 hours here are a few things you might check before you call

1.  Make certain the quick gas connect is properly mated.

2.  Make certain the unit is plugged in.

3.  Reboot (unplug and replug, or turn the breaker on and then back off. 

4.  Make certain the machine is not in the cleaning mode.

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