Geothermal heats water for free.

     Energy can not be created or destroyed.  It can only be moved from one place to another or changed from one form to another.  Heat is one very easily recognizable form of energy.   In the summer our homes and buildings are too hot.  In other words they contain too much energy.  

    Currently most people run a standard AIR TO AIR air conditioner to cool their home.  These systems take the EXCESS ENERGY and put it into the outside air, or to put it another way, they waste it.

    The Geothermal system or AIR TO DIRT HEAT PUMP puts that excess heat in the ground to save it up for next winter.  See our Geothermal HOW IT WORKS page.  While this is great, and will allow us to heat very inexpensively next winter, why should I save it for winter, when I'm buying electricity or gas at a premium at the same time to heat water for showers, cooking, clothes washing and other purposes?


    Our Geothermal systems incorporate an AIR TO HOT WATER FOR FREE feature.  Basically, this function simply takes the heat you used to throw away and put it in your hot water.  It's sort of like recycling, except that it not only saves natural resources and energy, but it also saves you money.  Often times we see annual SAVINGS OF OVER $300 PER YEAR just on heating water.

Free hot water with geothermal

Geothermal Heats Water for Free
Geothermal Energy Costs and Savings Graph

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