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Should I replace my old system before it goes bad?

    Maybe yes, maybe no.  More often than not, any system over 10 years old is wasting enough energy that our customers find they can get an excellent RETURN ON INVESTMENT by replacing them even before they quit.  If you wait till it goes bad, you will be rushed to make an uninformed decision.  

Should I cover my air conditioner in the winter?

    Covering your unit  will protect the paint job, and could protect some of the moving parts from snow or rain.  The biggest danger is in forgetting to take the cover off in the spring.  This could ruin the compressor in a few hours or less.  We recommend not covering it at all or removing the disconnect pull out and placing it somewhere it cannot get lost before
covering it.  

What is a Dual Fuel System?

    Please call us to discuss how you can take control of which utility you buy your energy from.  As prices change, you change who you buy your energy from.

What is the best system for heating or cooling my home or business?

    Every home or building needs to be evaluated individually based on your utilities, insulation, windows, unusual needs, ductwork, building design, and individual objectives and preferences.  Please call us for a free evaluation of your home or business.

How can I get Government Tax Credits up to $6000.00 or even more?

    The Federal Government offers a huge tax incentive to install Geothermal until 12-31-2016.  Please call us for more details.

Can I get a Rebate from my Utility company just for putting in a new system that will save me a lot of money anyway?

     Sometimes yes.  Sometimes over $1000.  Please call us for more details.  

You don't really HEAT WITH DIRT do you?

Please read here to find out.

Should I cover my Air Conditioner in the Winter?

If you don't find the answer to your question here please call us 800-886-2188 and we will do our best to find an answer for you.  If you fill out the form below and if we think it will help others we will add it to our published list.

What does "for PQS call TGITOT mean?

   For Prompt Quality Service call The Guys In The Orange Trucks.

Should I be afraid of CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning?

    If you have any Propane or Natural Gas burning appliance in your home or business, or have an attached garage, the answer is YES, and you should immediately install at least 2 Carbon Monoxide Detectors (much like a smoke detector).  Carbon Monoxide is tasteless odorless, and invisible.  It often times disables or kills it's victims before they know there is a
problem.  We feel heating with a HEAT PUMP or GEOTHERMAL is much safer.  

Why does water come out of my furnace?

    The most efficient CONDENSING FURNACES take so much of the heat out of the flue gas, that they cool it down to below 212 degrees.  Since water is a byproduct of combustion the water condenses.

Why does water come out of my Air Conditioner?

    If an air conditioner cooled the air without removing water the Relative Humidity would raise to a very uncomfortable level.      

Why does my Air Conditioner or my Heat Pump get ice all over it in the winter?

    This is perfectly normal for a Heat Pump.  It should go into a defrost cycle before the ice blocks off all air.

Why does my Heat Pump need a Defrost Cycle?

    The coil on an Air to Air Heat Pump gets colder than outdoor temp in order to pull heat from the outside air.  This causes condensation and or frost to form on the coil.  If the ice is not melted it will stop the function of the unit.  Geothermal Heat Pumps do not have to deal with this issue.

Why does it get so dry in my home in the winter?

    Read here about why the RELATIVE HUMIDITY drops or click HERE to read about HUMIDIFIERS.

Why is it always hot on the top floor and cold in the basement?

    Unless STRATIFICATION is properly addressed, you will have poor comfort.

Why do I have Hot and Cold spots in my home or building?

    This could be a simple ductwork problem.  However, different areas need different amounts of heating or cooling at different times of the day, and year.  The problems could be Stratification, Core Load Area, Solar Gain, Internal Heat Gain, or other poor Engineering problems.  The solution may be, Zoning, Continuous Fan, Economizer, or something
else.  Please let us give you a free evaluation of your system.    

How often should I have my system serviced?

    For most systems we recommend Planned Service 2 times per year.  Please read why our GEOTHERMAL systems can go longer.

What is Planned Service?

    Preventative maintenance and tune up.  Read more here.  

Can I really get a discount on my electric rate just for being Green?

    Sometimes yes even 30%, some times no.  Read more.

Is Propane safe to use to heat my home?

    While all systems use electricity or gas, some have more inherent dangers than others.  Propane is heavier than air.  If you develop a leak, the vapors will fall to the floor and collect or pool.  When they come in contact with any spark or heat source they may explode, destroying the structure and killing anyone inside.  In our opinion there are no systems safer than GEOTHERMAL

Why are air conditioners using new freon(refrigerants)?

    In the 1990s the government began prohibiting the use of certain types of refrigerants such as R12 and R502 because they were thought to be harming the ozone layer.  In the 2000s they began prohibiting the uses of R22 for the same reason.  The current talk is that they will begin soon prohibiting the use of some of the ones we have begun to use such as R410A, R404A and many others because of high GWP (Global Warming Potential).

    The largest problem with all of these changes is that it adds a great deal of costs to you the consumer.

What should my indoor humidity be?

   Generally your air conditioner should remove humidity down to about 50% in the Summer.  Your HUMIDIFIER should raise your RELATIVE HUMIDITY to about 30% in the winter.   

Do the Guys in the Orange Trucks do Plumbing?

    No, generally not.  We do repair and replace water heaters, but we do not repair faucets, clean sewers, or install septic tanks.

 Should I put a screen over my PVC flue pipe?

    We do not recommend this, as the screens will easily plug with frost under certain conditions.

What is the best kind of air filter?

   Click here to read all about all types of filters.

Do you have financing?

   Yes, see details.

Should I run my Ceiling fans with my Air Conditioner?

In most cases you will save money on your utility bills if you turn off your Ceiling fans when you run your AC.  There are 2 reasons for this.

    1.  Most Ceiling fans are Shaded pole motors (the most inefficient type of motor known to man, Read more here).  While they do move air and make you feel cooler, they are actually producing a lot of heat that your air conditioner has to then remove.

    2.  Without a Ceiling fans hot air migrates to the ceiling and lays like a blanket, not bothering anyone.  This actually lowers the temperature difference across the ceiling insulation thus reducing the heat gain from the attic.

Should I put a Tank less (Tankless) Water Heater in?

    We are not particularly fond of this technology, however we actually have other methods of achieving the same or better results.  Click here to read more.

How often should I change my filter?

    Anywhere from monthly to annually.   Click here for more specific suggestions.   In general 1" thick filters need changed more often because even though they allow most pollens and allergens to pass through untouched, they don't have much storage capacity and will plug quickly and can damage your equipment.  Please read more about filters here.

Can my heater and air conditioner cause MOLD?

    Yes, there are many things that can go wrong with your HVAC system that can provide an environment that will allow mold to thrive.  Please look at our INDOOR AIR QUALITY section.

Should I run my fan all the time?

    If you have good MERV FILTRATION and a DC FAN then the answer is absolutely.  This promotes good INDOOR AIR QUALITY and helps to eliminate STRATIFICATION.  If you do not have a good filter, you may just be blowing pollen and allergens around.  If you do not have a DC FAN you may rack up a lot higher electric bill.

Why does my fan run all the time?

    If your fan is running and you don't want it to, check your thermostat.  The switch that says Fan on or automatic should be set to automatic.  If your fan continues to stay on you may need a service call.

What is the best Brand of heating and air conditioning?

    We sell many brands, and they all have their strong and weak points.  Please let us give you a free evaluation of which system may work best for you.

Should I turn my thermostat down when I'm gone during the day?

    Yes, if you wish to save money and don't mind the discomfort when you return.  With the exception of an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP you will save more while the system set lower than you will spend heating the space back up.  

Should I turn my thermostat down at night when I'm sleeping?

    Yes, if you wish to save money and don't mind the discomfort.  With the exception of an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP you will save more while the system is set lower than you will spend to heat the space back up.