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.    Economizer is a term that has been used by people in our industry to describe a
combination of controls, dampers, and interconnecting wiring used to perform the
following function.  Sometimes it is factory built into a piece HVAC equipment, and
sometimes it is engineered and assembled on the job  site.  

.    The purpose of an economizer is to air condition a space simply by bring outdoor air
through ducts and filters directly into a home or business when the space needs cooling
and it is cooler outdoors than it is indoors.  Although this method has been around
longer than REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONING, it is not used nearly as much as it
should be.

.    An Economizer is only 1 part of a properly designed system.   It is only useful to us
when we need cooling, and when it is cool outside.  In most homes this is rare enough
that the cost to install one, do not justify the energy savings.  Where Economizers really
shine, is in commercial buildings, that have a lot of INTERNAL HEAT GAIN, or CORE
LOAD AREAS.  These are places like Computer Rooms, Convenience Stores, Schools,
Hospitals, Manufacturing, Larger buildings that have some with no outside walls, and
any other building or home, that need cooling when it is cold outdoors.  

.    Many of our customers have saved Thousands of Dollars by allowing us to ENGINEER
and Install an Economizer system that allows them to run their existing cooling system
Hundreds of hours less per year.  One very important part of a good economizer system
is good MERV FILTRATION, as our customers often do not want to bring in pollen, dust,
and other irritants with the outside air.

.    Many of our customers like the idea of exhausting old stale air, and bringing in fresh
filtered air so well, that they choose to use a system similar to this 365 days per year
even when it is not beneficial for temperature control.  This practice gets very expensive
when the outdoor temperature nears the extremes.  We prefer another method for this
need.  Please take time to read about our HRV or HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATOR.  

.    Please call us today at 1-800-886-2188.  We will come to your location,
evaluate your situation, design a system for you, and present you with several options.  
We will not charge you anything for this service, and you will not be obligated to us in any