Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Acronyms & Definitions
ATAHP          Air To Air Heat Pump
AHRI             Air conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute.
AFUE            Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
ARI                Air conditioning and Refrigeration Institute is now the AHRI.
ASHRAE      American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, & Air conditioning Engineers
BTU              British Thermal Unit   
CCF              100 Cubic Feet (a quantity of Natural Gas)  
CFM              Cubic Feet per Minute, a rating for air moved through ductwork or systems.
COP              Coefficient Of Performance
CO1               Carbon Monoxide.  (A deadly byproduct of burning gas or other fuels)
CO2               Carbon Dioxide  (A relatively harmless byproduct of respiration)
Compressor   The main part of an air conditioner that pumps freon.
Condensing Furnace.   A very efficient gas furnace.
Core Load Area   An area of a building that has no outside walls needs special treatment.
Damper        A device in the ductwork that opens or closes off airflow. See Zoning.
DC FAN        A fan motor that runs on DC current instead of AC to save money.
Dual Fuel     A combination heating system that uses 2 different sources.
Ductwork      Large pipes (usually sheetmetal) to deliver air to and from the HVAC unit
Economizer  A system which uses outdoor air to cool for free.
EER               Energy Efficiency Ratio
Flue               A pipe used to take burned gases out of your home or building.
Geothermal Heat Pump    Moves heat to and from the ground to or from a building.
Heat Exchanger   A device that transfers heat from one medium to another. 
Heat Pump   A device that Moves heat from one place to another.
HRV               Heat Recovery Ventilator (a system to save heat from exhausted air)
HSPF             Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
Humidifier     A device for adding humidity to the air in the winter.
HVAC             Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVAC&R       HVAC & Refrigeration
IAQ                 Indoor Air Quality in terms of Mold, CO2, pollen, spores, allergens, etc.
Internal Heat Gain   Heat that is released within a structure or area.
KWH              KilloWatt Hour 1000 watts for 1 hour  (what you buy for about 10 cents)  
MERV             Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ( a system for rating filters)
Multi tap        A type of motor that is very inefficient.  See DC FAN.
Ozone            A molecule of 3 oxygen atoms helpful in our stratosphere.
Planned Service   Preventative maintenance, tune up, and Safety inspection.
Relative Humidity   A very misunderstood measurement of water in air.
Rim Joist      The end board that caps the ends of your floor joists, often uninsulated
Return Air      Air that comes from the home or building to the HVAC unit.  
Scroll             A different technology used in compressors.
Shaded Pole    A type of motor that is very inefficient.   
SEER            Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
Stratification The natural tendency of convection causing much discomfort
Supply Air      Air that leaves the HVAC unit and goes into the home or building.
Tankless Water Heater  A water heater that does not store water.
Ton                 12,000 BTUs (a nominal sizing method for air conditioners)
Watt               A very small volume of electricity
Zoning          Several thermostats operating one system for better comfort.