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What Refund is available to me?

1.  For any SERVICE OR REPAIR CALL whether residential, commercial or industrial.  We will mail you back a check for $10.00.  We do limit this offer to 1 coupon per invoice and 1 coupon per quarter of a year.

2. For any INSTALLATION OF NEW EQUIPMENT (not just parts and labor) totaling at least $1,500.00.  We will mail you a check for $50.00

Instructions & Rules

A.  Fill out the form and click SUBMIT or call us with the information within 30 days after you have made full and complete payment.

B.  You are not required to leave us a positive review, however, if you are not happy about anything, we would prefer that you call us and let us make it right with you. 
C.  If for some reason this does not work for you, please call us.  We will gladly help you complete your review and will be very patient and happy to help you get your rebate.

Call 800-886-2188   

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3.  They will require you to create a YP.com user name or sign in with your Google+ account or your Facebook account.  This is to insure accountability so that people do not enter fraudulent reviews.  

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Get a rebate of $10.00 or $50.00

after we have worked for you.