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Core Load Area

             . CORE LOAD AREA .
    Improper handling of Core Load Areas (CLA)is one of the main engineering blunders we see in commercial buildings.  Most commercial buildings have one or more rooms that do not have any outside walls.  Since they are at the CORE or center of the building, and have very different heating and cooling requirements (LOAD), we call them Core Load Areas.  

    Often times these areas are mistakenly grouped with other areas of the building and are serviced with the same HVAC system.  This often does not cause too much problem in the summer time.

    The problem comes in the winter.  The outer rooms have Heat Loss Areas, such as, cold walls, windows, and doors need heat.  When it is cold outside these outer rooms need heat.  Since the CLAs do not have these Heat Loss Areas, they do not need any heat what so ever.  Now, you might think, "Great just shut the register, and get nothing."  The problem is that these rooms almost always have INTERNAL HEAT GAIN.  

    INTERNAL HEAT GAIN is heat that is gained internally.  Everything that uses electricity produces heat.  Computers,  lights, phones, calculators, clocks, copy makers, coffee makers, etc, all add 3.413BTUs of heat for every watt of electricity they use.  People also add between 400 and 2000 BTUs per hour to the space they are in.   

    OK, so what's the problem?  Since these areas have Internal heat gain, or they have heat that is made in them, and they have no where for this heat to go, they need air conditioning 365 days per year.  But, the system they are hooked to is working hard to heat the outer rooms.  

    So, what is the solution?  One solution would be a Zoning System, but we much prefer a totally separate HVAC system with Merv Filtration that utilizes an Economizer to take advantage of Free Cooling.