Recent Results


First National Bank


     We just finished calculating the results of a Re-Control Job at First National Bank.  We cut their gas bill by 67.3 % and cut their entire electric bill by 34.2%. This is asavings of over $20,000.00 per year

    Energy savings was actually a secondary objective on this job.  The primary objective was to improve comfort.  The old control system would allow the temperature to swing 8 degrees and many people would run electric heaters at their desks.  We now hold each room to within 1/2 degree of set point.    

Gray County Courthouse


    This building had complete remodel less than 10 years ago.  The remodel included all new HVAC equipment, Boilers, and a Building Automation System.  This B.A.S. was not programmed with energy savings as even a remote objective.  We changed out the B.A.S. and programmed it for optimum comfort and optimum energy savings.  


     Update:  We just got the Energy Savings results on this job.  25.1% savings on total electric bill and 42% savings on natural gas bill.   

United Wireless Arena  


    This building was originally built in 2010.  The original controls system was installed by a Wichita based controls contractor.  In 2019 we installed several new components, re engineered and reprogrammed the building and installed a Honeywell JACE web based Building Automation System.  The price for this project was $237,000.  We gave them an estimate, before we started, of between $79,581 and $142,139 in annual energy savings.  We are currently on track to exceed our highest estimate.

Building Automation Controls DDC Computer Screen Dodge City, KS
HVAC Residential Controlls Thermostat

Building  Automation  Controls

Please call and let us tell you what some of our Smart Home Thermostats can do for you.

Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Supermarket Automation Systems

    Supermarket Automation Systems, also called DDC or Direct Digital Control systems are a concert of wiring, devices and computers used to turn things off, on or regulate them somewhere in between in order to achieve the proper balance you want between maximum comfort and maximum energy savings.   

Weber Refrigeration's History in Supermarket Automation & DDC

    We have been programming, installing and servicing computerized control systems on Single Zone systems and Rack Refrigeration systems since the mid 1980s.  Some of our customers take full advantage of all of the features available and some only utilize a few.

Systems we Service, Program or install.

CPC                                  Trane

Einstein                             Tracer Summit 

Ultrasite32                         Johnson Controls

Novar                                 Siemens Controls




Residential HVAC Controls

    Controls are a concert of wiring, devices and programming that are used to turn things off, on or regulate them somewhere in between.  Of course all of the systems we sell have their own built in controls, but here we will focus on things we to put you in control or give you an added degree of safety or security many systems or installations do not have.


    We use a broad range of many different types and brands of thermostats that offer many different features such as:

Wi-Fi Thermostats:  These are becoming very popular for some very good reasons.   Some like them because they can adjust their thermostat from their Smart Phone from bed or their easy chair or anywhere in the world.    Some like them because they can be programmed to send a text and or E-Mail if something malfunctions.

    While some DIYers simply purchase these at Home Depot, Amazon or wherever, great care must be taken to choose the proper thermostat for your system and then program the system to match your system.  We have been on many many service calls where the customer wrongly installed or had their burglar alarm company wrongly install one of these.  In some cases, in addition to costing them unneeded discomfort and our service call fee, permanent damage was done to the system.   

Zoning Thermostats:  Allow for a separate thermostat in each room, much the way most newer cars have. (read more)

2 Stage thermostats: Allow certain Two Stage Furnaces and Air Conditioners to kick into high speed when you need it and down into energy saving low speed when you need less. 

Fully Communicating Systems: Many of our modern equipment such as Condensing Furnaces, Geothermal, Heat Pumps, Ductless Splits and  Highest Effeciency Air Conditioners have integrated control systems that will alert you via text or E-Mail whenever anything begins to get out of optimal parameters.  Often times this can save on costly repairs as well as reducing energy costs.    


What is a Building

Automation system (BAS)


An assembled installation of computers, computerized circuit boards, wiring and electrical components that:

Gather information which includes:

1.  Various space temperatures throughout the building.

2.  Temperatures and pressures of various equipment.

3.  Electrical consumption from electric meters and various

     HVAC & R equipment.

4. Data from the National Weather Service.

5. Gas leak sensors.

6. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide sensors.

7. Water leak sensors.

8. Sensitive space sensors, such as computer rooms or

    Walk-in coolers or freezers

Perform many Tasks including:

1.  Utilizes multiple algorithms of analysed data to turn on, off, or adjust HVAC equipment at the most optimal levels for comfort and utility savings.

2.  Utilize filtered outdoor air for free cooling when beneficial.

3.  Alert Personnel of any malfunctions via E-Mail or Text message. 

4.  Control indoor or outdoor lighting.

5.  Just about any other task you can imagine.

Interact with the Building Owner or Operator

   Through a very user friendly Graphical User Interface or GUI.  This GUI can be accessed on any Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, IPad, or Smart Phone from anywhere in the world that is connected to the Internet computer 


1.  Improve Comfort

2.  Reduce Utility costs.

3   Become aware of  water leaks, equipment failures or other important facts before they cause expensive damage to property or personnel.

Commercial Building Automation Systems

    Building Automation Systems, also called DDC or Direct Digital Control systems are a concert of wiring, devices and computers used to turn things off, on or regulate them somewhere in between in order to achieve the proper balance you want between maximum comfort and maximum energy savings.   

Weber Refrigeration's History in Building Automation & DDC

    Mike Weber our CEO, Founder and still a very active part of our company began engineering and installing control systems in the late 1970s.  One of his earliest successes was at the Dodge City Medical Center where he amazed the management by cutting their gas bills by 40% without sacrificing comfort. 

    In the early 1990s Weber Refrigeration engineered and installed DDC systems in several Southwest Kansas Schools including Lakin, Scott City, Ulysses, Dodge City, Minneola and Garden City.  These systems were leased to the districts with a guarantee that the energy savings would pay the lease payment.  Most of the lease terms were 3 years and every one of them far exceeded the guarantee.

    For over 5 decades Weber Refrigeration has been making buildings more comfortable while, at the same time saving energy.

    Most recently we have completed full building automation systems at these Southwest KS locations; 

    Sunflower Coal Power Plant, Holcomb, KS

    Stanton Count Hospital, Johnson, KS

    Farmers State Bank, Oakley, KS

    USD 374 Sublette, KS

    First National Bank Goodland, KS

    Grant County State Bank, Ulysses, KS

    Gray County Courthouse Cimarron, KS

    Current projects we are working on are:

United Wireless Arena Dodge City, KS 

    (this system is projected to save $142,000 per year in

      energy consumption)

USD 200 Tribune, KS

Light of the World Church, Topeka, KS

Systems we Service, Program or install.


CPC                                     Tracer Summit

Tridium                                 ModBus

Distech                                 Lon Works

McQuay                                BacNet

Niagara                                 Allerton



Johnson Controls


National and World wide Experience

    Mark Weber joined Weber Refrigeration in 1982 and has traveled the world installing, servicing, and programming Building Automation Systems.  In 2017 Mark moved back to Garden City and began devoting most of his time to local projects.    


   During his traveling years, some of his projects included:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Knoxville, TN

Aurora Medical Hospital - Aurora, NE

Stratosphere- Las Vegas, NV

Trego Manor- Wakeeney, KS

Sturgis City Hall & Rally Headquarters- Sturgis SD

Digital Reality Data Center Franklin Park- Naperville, IL

Anheuser Busch - St Louis, MO 

Lyon County Jail - Emporia, KS 

Harbor Freight Distribution- Dillon, SC

Yuma Proving Ground - Yuma, AZ

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library - West Branch, IA

Medtronic Humacao Pharmaceutical- Puerto Rico

Medtronic - Chengdu, China

Medtronic Pointe Claire, Quebec Canada