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11-17-2017                              Verbal compliment

Unified School District     Holcomb, Ks

    I really liked the guy you sent out to work on our freezer.  Luis is very smart, and very professional.         

                          Tom Case

                          Director of Buildings and Maintenance


    We currently provide Prompt Quality Service to over 300 restaurants.  We know that when you need us you need us NOW!!!!! 

    We furnish and repair Ovens, Ice Machines, Fryers, Steamers, Proofers, Walkin Coolers and Freezers, Reachin coolers and Freezers, Commercial Dishwashers, Water heaters, Booster heaters, Warmers and anything else you need.  

Boilers and Chillers 



     While we do work on all types of machinery that cool things such as Soda Fountain chillers, Nitrogen Chillers, Refrigerated Air Driers, Dairy plant Milk Chillers and of course Food chillers, this paragraph is about Chillers designed to cool water for the purpose of Air conditioning a room or building.  They are often found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, and larger buildings.  These often use Reciprocating compressors, Screw compressors, Scroll compressors or Centrifugal compressors.

     In most of the systems we design we attempt to build redundancy into the systems to ensure that the entire building does not get hot in the case of a breakdown.  Please call to let us improve the quality, reliability or efficiency of your existing system, or , if you wish, simply repair it.


    We service and repair all types of Boilers from the old Monster Kewanee fire tube boilers with power burners all the way down to the smallest condensing boilers found in homes.  We also install and repair Swimming pool boilers and Spa Boilers. 

     At the Dodge City Public Library we removed an old 2 Million BTU boiler that were operating at about 50% efficiency and installed 2 new 95% condensing boilers.  We estimated the energy savings at about $2000.00 per year

Cooling Towers

    We service the water pumping systems, nozzle maintenance, pad replacement, cleaning and descaling, fan motors, belts, blades and controls.   Once in a while we run across a customer who does not recognize the EXTREME importance of maintaining excellent water quality.  We generally partner with chemical experts on this.   


     We provide Prompt Quality Service to over 32 school districts and colleges.  In addition to all of their HVAC and Building automation systems, we also service their Ice Machines, Walkin Coolers, Walkin Freezers, Reachin coolers and Freezers, Fryers, Warmers, Air Conditioning, Boilers, Air compressors and just about everything that moves.

   Our Walk-in freezer quit and we received very fast and professional service!

                                              Deb Benson

Rooftop Air Conditioner Installation Dodge City, Ks

Hospitals & Nursing homes

    In the above picture we are setting a Trane Intellipak  unit to provide VAV air to the new Women's Center at Western Plains Medical Complex in Dodge City. 

    We service about 60 Hospitals and Nursing homes.  We can help you with Boilers, Domestic Hot water, Pneumatic controls, Sterilizers, Air Balance, Fire Dampers, Chillers,  Automation Controls, Ice Machines, Pumps, Steam Traps, Heat Exchangers.  Please call us for references. 

Wal-Mart Refrigeration Compliment Western Kansas
Cast Iron Boiler replaced with 2 Condensing Boilers Dodge City Public Library Dodge City, Ks


    We service over 125 churches.  Please look at the reviews left by First Missionary Church of Dodge City and the review left for us by the LDS church.  

    We are very familiar with the special needs that Churches have for their HVAC systems.  Unlike many buildings that have the same needs day after day, Churches have a major need for two or three hours one or two days per week.  If this is not handled properly, it can cause extremely high Demand Penalties on the Electric bill.  Please call us to see how we can help you keep your buildings Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter and your Electric bills low.

Office Buildings 

    Currently over 1,100 office and general businesses depend on us for Prompt Quality Service. 

Energy Savings

     One often overlooked opportunity we have found in Office Buildings is the tremendous opportunity for Energy Savings with time of day programming.  We have helped some of our customers cut their utility bills in half without sacrificing any comfort.  We particularly like computerized control systems that will allow you to monitor or change the temperatures and schedules in any area of your building from a computer anywhere in the world.  Some of these systems cost less than $500.   Please call us if you need service, replacement or if you would just like to consider something different. 

Zoning Control         Click here to read more

     One very common complaint that we hear in Office Buildings is that one office is Hot while the next office is Cold.  Whenever we are involved in the design process we like to implement a technology called Zoning.  Basically it is a method of putting in as many thermostats as our customer desires and then installing one or more of several different technologies to give each thermostat (person) what they want.  Sometimes this can be incorporated into existing buildings for a reasonably minor cost and sometimes it is cost prohibitive. Please call us for a free consultation on your building.

                          5 Star Google Review    

Unified School District 210

Hugoton KS

                                                      July 12 2019

      Dustin always does an excellent job when he repairs our equipment at USD210

                                                        Terry Miller

                                                        Hugoton, KS 


   From the beginning refrigeration was our primary focus, thus the name Weber Refrigeration.  Currently we service about 75 Grocery stores ranging from the largest Wal-Mart stores to the smallest town Ma and Pa stores.  We fully understand the importance of responding quickly and getting it fixed quickly.  We would love to show  you some of our automated control systems that will Text you immediately if something goes wrong.  We have done several remodles recently that have cut our customers electric bills in half 

Western Plains Medical Complex New Womens Center HVAC unit Dodge City, Ks

Beth Giesick

Venture Foods (Grocery Store) Sublette, Ks

     "Prompt Quality Service" is not just part of your slogan, you truly act that out on a daily basis.  Our experiences with you & your staff has been a real treat, knowing that our issues will be solved in a timely manner, a professional manner & most importantly a thorough manner.  Thanks also for the helpful "Money Saving Tips " page on your webpage, along with the coupon that is there to access!! .......We will continue to use weber every time. 

Convenience Stores  

     We understand the fact that when you need us, you need us NOW!!  We provide Prompt Quality Service on Ice Machines, Ice Cream Machines, Walkin Coolers, Walkin Freezers, Reachin coolers and Freezers, Slushy Machines, Fryers, Warmers, Air Conditioning, and just about everything that moves.

LDS Church Compliment on Heating and Air Conditioning Liberal, Ks

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First Missionary Church of Dodge City, Ks saved $1000.00 per month with a new HVAC System

Mooyahs Burgers Garden City

   Trish said that Elliot is the BOMB.com  Very professional and courteous!!!

I'm Jeff Turner

     I'm the Pastor of First Missionary Church.  A few years ago we were using a boiler system to heat our church and we were paying over $1,300.00 a month in the winter to heat the church. 

     We called Weber refrigeration and they came out and put in two high energy efficient furnaces for us.  And now we save over $1,00.00 a month in the winter, which allows us to use that money in other places in ministry for the church.

First National Bank Rooftop AC Dodge City, Ks