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What is a Chiller?

     Chiller is a name given by people in our trade for devices that cool a liquid.  Most of the time this liquid is water or an antifreeze solution, however, we do service chillers that cool Milk, Manufacturing process fluids, Medical equipment fluids and other things.  Ninety nine percent of the chillers we service use electricity over hydrocarbon (freon)refrigerants to cool the fluid.  We have serviced systems that use natural gas over ammonia to cool the fluids. 

     Chillers have many of the same components we use in large commercial air conditioning.  We keep many of the components in stock for all of the major brands.  (Trane, Carrier, McQuay, Ingersoll Rand, Frick, York, Smardt, Daiken, Johnson, Dimplex)   

Where are Chillers Used?

     They are often found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, and larger buildings.  These often use Reciprocating compressors, Screw compressors, Scroll compressors or Centrifugal compressors.

Does Weber Refrigeration sell, install, and service Chillers?

     Weber Refrigeration sells, designs, installs, and services hundreds of chillers in all types of applications.  In most of the systems we design we attempt to build redundancy into the systems to ensure that the entire building does not get hot in the case of a breakdown.  Please call to let us improve the quality, reliability or efficiency of your existing system, or , if you wish, simply repair your old system.