Typical Air Conditioner Problems

Parts need cleaning

   Often times the problem with an Air Conditioning System is that either the filter is dirty, the indoor coil is dirty, or the outdoor coil is dirty.  The outdoor coil can be cleaned with a garden hose, however, all power must be turned off before hand, and left off for several hours after cleaning.  The indoor coil is often very hard to get to, however, we do have some very handy and determined customers who successfully do this themselves. 

Breaker Blown or off

    If the breaker is blown on your AC Unit, most likely there is a problem that needs addressed.  If you wish to reset the breaker yourself, check the unit after about 1 hour to make sure it is running.  If it is not, or if it blows again, it would be best to call us.

Capacitors bad

    Capacitors are the large silver (some are black) tin can shaped things with 2 terminals.  Years ago these used to last forever.   In about 1979 the use of PCBs was banned.  Since then we have found that these fail often

Refrigerant (Freon) Leaks

    The quickest way for an average home owner to determine if his unit might be low on Freon is to feel the largest copper pipe at the Outdoor Condensing Unit about 15 minutes after first turning it on.  If this line is not cold you may be low on Freon or have a bad compressor.  If the line gets frost on it you may have a dirty filter or indoor cooling coil.

    If you are low on Freon, there are only 2 possibilities.  Either someone didn't put enough in or you have a leak.  While occasionally there is a leak small enough that Freon will only have to be added every few years, this is rare.  Generally if you have a leak you will be money ahead to have it found and fixed or have the leaking component replaced. 

  • Motors go bad

     Good DIYers can often determine this themselves and change the motors themselves.  We keep motors in stock for most major brands.

Frozen Up coils

    If your indoor coil freezes up it will soon stop the air from coming out of your registers.  You will see frost on the large Freon pipe.  This is usually caused by a dirty filter, indoor coil, bad fan motor or low on Freon.

Thermostat problems

    Sometimes when we go out on a call we find that the only problem is that the thermostat is turned off, not programmed properly, or has dead batteries.

Damage by Animals, Nature, or Humans

    One very common problem is that Dogs chew on the pipes going to the outdoor part of the Air Conditioner in attempt to cool themselves off.  Way too often they chew through the wires or the copper tubing.  When hail puts many dents in a condenser this cuts down on the air flow and causes the units to overheat.  When Humans run into the units with lawn mowers, weed eaters, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles they often cause Freon leaks.  When dogs urinate on Air Conditioners the acidic urine eats through the copper or aluminum tubing causing premature leaks (See picture below or at right of a 7 year old unit).   

Other bad components

     There are several other components like Circuit boards, Relays, Resistors, Transformers, Pressure Switches, Thermistors, Timers, Contactors, Compressors, Blades that can fail.  

    While we will always be here to provide you with PROMPT QUALITY SERVICE, if we can give you any ideas on how you can FIX IT YOURSELF, then we have just made another friend, and no one can have too many friends. 

Air Conditioner Repair

05-10-2017   Google 5 Star Review

Cody Pickering Tyrone, OK

     The young man that worked on my air conditioner was very professional.  Didn't take him ling to get it working.  Great work.

                 5 Star Google Review

Alison Moeller 

Liberal, KS                                                  8-16-2017

       Fast, professional and polite.  Sergio did an awesome on installing my new a.c.  Webber has always done a great job.

                                                         Thank You

Outdoor AC Unit plugged with Cottonwood

   Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning provides Air Conditioner Repair on just about every type and EVERY BRAND of Air conditioning system.  We sell and service systems as small as 1/2 ton all the way up to several hundred ton systems.

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Dirty A-Coil (Cooling Coil) Before and After Cleaning

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Air Conditioner Start Capacior and Run Capacitor

Air Conditioning Repair and Sales

   We provide Air Conditioning Repair and Sales or Replacement on just about every type of cooling system.  We sell and service systems as small as 1/2 ton all the way up to several hundred ton systems.

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                 5 Star Yahoo Review

Becky and Eldon Lansdown

Texhoma,OK                                              6-12-2017

      We are very pleased with our a/c repair.  Thank you for your quick response.  A++++++ Rating

Typed letter from Customer       

Kevin Sherrill

Jetmore, KS         



      Had to call my natural gas supplier for service guard work.  They determined I needed to have my A-coil on furnace cleaned.  They gave me a recommended name and number suggestion, said if I called the big name places like Stewart or Weber, it would be around $800.00.  Their recommendation would probably charge around $300.00 to $400.00.  I contemplated using the cheaper place, but previously this past summer I had Weber replace an air conditioner condenser motor, they were quick to show, and it was on a Sunday I believe, and did it for what I thought was a good fair price.  So, I decided to call Weber, thought I may get a better cleaning done on the unit, they actually showed up within 20 minutes, cleaned he A coil, $191.00

Thanks, happy customer !!!

Kevin L. Sherrill   

Dog Urine caused Freon Leak on Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Ruined by Dog Urine

Dirty A-Coil (Cooling Coil) Before and After Cleaning

                 Called in Phone Review

Dan Torline Dodge City, Ks


      We really appreciated having a man like Jorge.  We just thought you should know.  Jorge is VERY Polite !!!!


Dirty AC Unit plugged with Cottonwood

Face to Face Review                                      06-29-2018

    Zack Loll and his wife came into the Dodge City office to set up a service call. Our office staff assured them that we would be able to get to their home that same day.  They said they were leaving town and really wanted it repaired by Monday.

    Mrs. Loll came back into our office later that day as they were leaving town to let us know how much she appreciated us getting there very quickly and that it was a easy fix.  She said, "Jose and Mason were very friendly and knowledgeable of what they were doing and that she appreciated how quickly we got out there to fix the problem."  She was afraid it was going to be something major and Jose explained to them the problem and fixed it right away. 

​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning