January 2017   5 Star Google Review

Nidia Ortega

   Great service.  when calling, the waiting times are very short (like 30 seconds or so).  The wait for install appointments and repairs is also very short.  Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  Scott was very professional and he helped me get set up for a furnace install during an emergency, & on very short notice (like within a day or so).  All the other places in town were swamped due to bad weather, but Weber's was able to check my furnace and set up an install appointment within one day.  All the other places I'd called had told me it would be at least a week before they could even check my furnace.  I would definitely recommend Weber's to anyone.

​​Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning

Weber man helps during Snow Storm

    On April 29 2017 Southwest Kansas had a huge snow storm.  Some areas got as much as 22".  Bobby Wells of Plains Kansas called in and talked to Alex, the Weber man on call for that area that weekend.  All of the "Guys in the Orange Trucks" were extremely busy that weekend helping people with cold homes and refrigeration systems that had failed because of massive snows and fluctuating power due to high winds and falling tree branches. 

   Alex, not wanting Mr. Wells' family to be cold for several hours before he could get there talked Mr. Wells through the process of repairing his heating system himself. 

   On May 10th Bobby called in to tell our office how much he appreciated it.  Atta Boy Alex.

24 Hour Service 365 Days

Chris and Dalilia Boys  Dodge City, KS

    It was about 1:30 in the morning......We had no heat.........  We actually called Weber's.  They had a guy in out house in about 15 minutes.  It was actually a person on the other line, comforting us & letting us know that someone would come out and get us heat.

Service 6-8-2016 / Dodge City
    Reqested after hours ugent service on an A/C compressor on a very hot weekday.   The service technician (Erik) arrived within 15 minutes, was very cordial, professional, and efficient as identified the problem, explained it, and made repairs, all completed within an hour. Stellar service!   --- M. Rooney --

                                       5 Stars Google Reviews

Ty Lewick  Liberal, Ks                           December 2015

      When my security company messed up my A/C they (Weber's) came out and stayed here working on the problem until midnight to make sure that my problem was fixed

                                        5 Stars Liberal Facebook

Hand printed HALLMARK CARD                   


Hello Weber Refrigeration!

    We want to say Thank You again for getting a technician out to our house 7-15-19 assessing our ailing air conditioner!

    Thank you for making time Wed. afternoon before closing time to come back to our house, fix the A.C. and get it back in working condition before the hottest days of summer kicked in!


Thank You

Les and Serena Watkins

Dodge City, KS

P.S. Our 4-leged babies Thank ya'all too!


      Most companies in this trade are only available when it is convenient for them.  Because much of our work is on hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants we must be always available. 

    Our phones are answered 24 hours per   day 365 days per year by Humans who have been working for and with us for decades.  We have at least one technician on call every day and night for each of our offices.  In some towns we have 2 or 3 techs available. 

    What this means to you is that when you need "PROMPT QUALITY SERVICE", "THE GUYS IN THE ORANGE TRUCKS" will be there for you.

    We have at least one person on call every day and night in each of our offices.  In some towns we have 2 or 3 guys available.