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How to Choose a Contractor

    Just the fact that you came here tells us something about you.  You are wise enough to investigate before you buy.  Many people think choosing an HVAC&R contractor is like choosing a commodity.  Often times only after they have spent thousands of dollars and ended up with a system that gives them poor reliability, high utility bills, or poor response time when they have a problem, do they regret not doing what you are doing right now. 

    It may take you an hour to read, study and investigate your options, but if you choose the wrong company you may regret it for a decade.  While choosing the right brand of bacon, cake mix, microwave oven, or possibly even a car can prove to be very important, when it comes to choosing a HVAC or Refrigeration system the SERVICE PROVIDER is MUCH more important than the BRAND of equipment.

     Why is the Service Company more important than the Brand of Equipment?

    We find that when Furnaces, Air Conditioning Systems, Boilers, Refrigeration Systems or Ice Machines fail or break down, over 50% of the time it is because of an improper installation.  Often times this is improperly engineered ductwork, improper refrigerant charge or settings, improper line sizing, improper vacuuming (of the refrigerant system), failure to nitrogen purge during welding and a whole host of other errors.

    We are professionals.  Please take time to read about what is different about us.


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